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This site is run by the Identity Theft Labs Team, a small group of individuals with diverse and extensive knowledge about identity theft. We are dedicated to sharing our findings with you in an unbiased way. Our goal is to educate consumers about identity theft and help them figure out the best way to protect themselves by sharing the details of what we discover in our research of the identity fraud market.

Our blog provides many valuable tips to help safeguard your family and our professional research of identity protection companies shows the points of difference in each service so you can decide which plan is best for you and your loved ones. Best of all, we have negotiated deals with many of these companies that will save you money when you decide to protect yourself with one of these services.

We continue to monitor dozens of identity protection services to see which services are, in our opinion, the best and we are currently recommending the following companies – LifeLock, Identity Guard and Identity Force. They have the best combination of protection, service, value and insurance/service guarantee and thus they are the leaders in identity theft protection.

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