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Credit Monitoring Service Comparison

Looking for the best credit monitoring service?

Look no further, we have done the research for you and have included only the best credit monitoring services.

IDENTITY GUARD® Total Protection, LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ and IdentityForce UltraSecure + Credit not only monitor your credit at all three bureaus daily but also provide additional identity theft protection services. They also have the additional benefit of monitoring your credit score. Compare you credit protection options below.

Compare LifeLock Logo Identity Force Logo IDENTITY GUARD LOGO
Daily 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
3 Bureau Credit Reports
3 Bureau Credit Score Quarterly Credit Score
Fraud Detection Identity Alert Yes
Database Monitoring
Bank Account Alerts
Black Market Scanning eRecon
Credit Card
Social Security
Bank Account
Name and Address

Credit Card
Social Security
Bank Account
Name and Address

Credit Card
Social Security
Bank Account
Credit Card Monitoring
Identity Theft Insurance or Guarantee $1,000,000 service guarantee* $1,000,000 insurance backed by Chartis** $1,000,000 insurance backed by Chartis**
Lost Wages Covered
$200/day for 1 month
$6000 Max.

$1000/week Max. 5 weeks

$1000/week Max. 4 weeks
Recovery Services
Public Records
Name and Alias Monitoring
Other Benefits Court Alerts and Records
Sex Offender Registry
Court Alerts and Records
Sex Offender Registry
Fraud Alert Reminder
Password Protector
Internet Security
File Sharing Networks


Mail List Removal Pre-approved credit cards Junk mail
Pre-approved credit cards
Address Monitoring
Lost Wallet Protection
Unbiased Reviews LifeLock Ultimate Plus IdentityForce IDENTITY GUARD
Protect Your Family Now
Guaranteed Lowest Rates
LifeLock Ultimate Plus
10% Off
Identity Force 28% Off $19.99/m 14 Days Free*** IDENTITY
GUARD 25% Off $14.99/m 30 Days Free***


Yes, there are many other credit monitoring services, including offers from the credit agencies (Experian, Equifax and Transunion) themselves. Many were eliminated though as they only monitored one credit bureau, didn’t provide daily updates or simply because their offer did not have any value compared to the credit monitoring companies we have shown, especially since the bureau offerings that monitor all three agencies are in the same price range and aren’t as comprehensive.

Credit monitoring plays an important role in identity theft protection which is why these companies include or have it as an upgrade option. This is why those who are considering identity protection from LifeLock or another company that has a credit monitoring upgrade should look strongly at the higher level service. In other words, LifeLock Ultimate Plus is worth the extra cost over their regular service and with any company the better the package you choose the better off you will be. If you can afford it choose the best protection option.

Please read our individual credit monitoring reviews for further details on each particular service you are considering or visit the websites of these credit protection companies themselves to learn how they help you monitor your credit and protect your good name.

Just make sure you choose a service that monitors all three credit bureaus daily. One bureau credit monitoring will not offer you much fraud protection at all as it will only notify you if the credit fraud shows up at that particular bureau and quite frankly a lot of transactions don’t propagate to all three.

Stay safe, start monitoring your credit today.