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IdentityForce Review

IdentityForce provides what it dubs as 360 degree identity theft protection in it’s UltraSecure package. It’s one of the most comprehensive packages available when it comes to identity monitoring and notification and further credit protection can be added in it’s UltraSecure + Credit package.

IdentityForce is a trusted provider to government agencies, such as the U.S. Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration and over the years has protected millions of Americans. Bringing this level of protection to your personal accounts can help keep you safe from identity theft and give you complete peace of mind.


With a track record of success leading back to 1978, the company has received several accolades, include a Best in Class award from Javelin Strategy, a prominent identity theft research firm.  The company prides itself on being innovative and updates its products and services regularly, such as the introduction of UltraSecure Plus Credit for those who wish to have their reports monitored on a daily basis. See below for further information on this package.

UltraSecure Package

IdentityForce protects you in many different ways, including monitoring thousands of online sources – such as chat rooms, forums, blogs and illegal websites – to see if your information is being bought, sold or traded. In addition to finding out if your information is on the black market, IdentityForce will check for changes in addresses on your accounts and look for suspicious loan applications – two of the biggest red flags that a thief is trying to impersonate you.

This consistent, 24/7 surveillance keeps you in the know and lets you safeguard your identity before criminals have a chance to use it for their personal gain. A convenient online dashboard alerts you of any potential threats, with the most prominent listed in red to immediately capture your attention. You’ll receive alerts when your information is involved in a data breach, and the service will help you contact the credit bureaus if you find that your information is at risk.

In addition to researching the traditional avenues for identity theft, IdentityForce looks for your information in criminal and court records and notifies you of new sex offender registrations within a certain radius of your home. You’ll also have your name and information removed from preapproved credit offers and junk mail lists.

Free Advice

The online resource center can help you learn more about managing credit and keeping your information from ending up in the wrong hands. You’ll also get a regularly updated identity health score to keep current on your risk of being victimized and what you need to do to improve your security.

If you find you have been victimized, complete recovery services are included. This gives you a nationwide insurance policy of up to $1 million if you have your identity compromised while using the service. Coverage for up to five weeks of lost wages is provided under certain circumstances. Protection Experts can help you report to your creditors if your wallet is lost or stolen as well.

Protect your PC

IdentityForce service includes anti-phishing and key-logging software to protect you when you enter sensitive information on your computer and to help prevent you from losing your information by accessing fake websites.

Protect Your Credit with UltraSecure + Credit

IdentityForce’s UltraSecure + Credit plan contains the same strong identity monitoring features in the UltraSecure package, but adds quarterly credit reports and quarterly credit scores (compared to annual from most other companies) from all three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion).

In addition, to your three bureau quarterly credit score you will also receive advice on how to improve it. With the UltraSecure + Credit package your scores and credit reports are monitored daily and if they detect a change in one of your reports, you’ll be notified immediately and given a quick link to contest the information if it is incorrect. Credit specialists are just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.


If you’re worried about providing your information to IdentityForce, don’t be. Its data is stored in SAS certified data centers. All personal information is encrypted and names and numbers are stored separately. The data center is guarded 24/7 via staff and video surveillance systems. The data destruction policy is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

Signing up

You can sign up and activate your IdentityForce account in minutes. The online dashboard makes it easy to monitor your identity and to stay in control of your account plus they have 24/7 assistance in case of identity theft. They also offer to protect your children at an additional cost of $27.50 per year per child should you wish to add them which of course we advise you do.

Special Offer

IdentityForce UltraSecure, regularly is $17.95/m or $179.50/yr but is available for a limited time at only $12.95/month or $129.50/year and has a 14 day free trial. For the best protection from IdentityForce choose the UltraSecure + Credit plan for only $19.95/month (retail price $23.95/m) or $199.50/year (retail price $239.50).

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