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LifeLock Ultimate Plus Review

Who wouldn’t want the Ultimate Protection?

LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ is the most comprehensive identity theft protection available and for some people that’s all they need to hear because even though they know (as we have been saying for years) no one can prevent all identity theft, they understand how devastating identity theft can be.  If that’s you then look no further because in our educated opinion their is no better identity protection service anywhere.  For the rest of you let us tell you why.

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From Worry to Peace of Mind

We are all worried about identity theft, our credit, as well as checking and savings account fraud. What LifeLock does is give us peace of mind from the questions we routinely ask ourselves (or at least should be asking) such as:

Is someone in my family going to become a victim of identity theft?
Is someone trying to open an account or get credit in my name?
Is my credit protected from identity thieves?
Are my accounts and money vulnerable to fraud?

LifeLock’s Identity Alert® system utilizes the latest in fraudulent activity detection technology to discover and address potential threats to their customer’s identity, credit, bank accounts, and more. When other companies perform identity scanning by merely searching a few databases located on the internet, LifeLock relentlessly scans the most expansive network of databases and a broader set of data points (over a trillion) for their customers personal information.

Even when searching black market internet websites and databases for their customers information, they just does it better. For example, some well known companies merely scan the black market for your credit card number and call that credit card monitoring but LifeLock goes far beyond that by monitoring both card issuers and financial institutions and thus protecting you from having new credit card accounts opened in your name unbeknownst to you.

Most importantly, LifeLock Ultimate Plus reviews over 350 various banks and financial institutions for unauthorized applications for new accounts, as well as pragmatic and proactive DDA (demand deposit account) alerts and PDA (personal deposit account) alerts, which notify customers, in close to real time, if and when their financial accounts have been compromised. This can prevent account takeovers and they’re the only company providing this amazing service.

The only downside to this, and really the only downside to LifeLock Ultimate Plus, is that not every bank is covered. All major banks are covered and mostly all regional banks but if you deal with a small bank its best to check if they are covered by calling 1-800-LifeLoc (1-800-543-3562) if this service is part of your deciding factor.

In conjunction with these defense mechanisms, LifeLock provides timely alerts, via text, email or phone if and when an identity thief illegally opens an account with your information or changes your account (adding an additional person for example or changing the contact information). In other words, you would be alerted in a timely fashion if a fraudster was manipulating your account.

Other Key Benefits

You would think we were done but there is far more to their service that others just don’t offer. In short, LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ protection includes all services provided by LifeLock Standard™, plus:

• $1 Million Stolen Funds Replacement*
• Expanded monitoring of personal information across a comprehensive network of databases
• Enhanced, online reporting of threats
• Credit Card, Checking and Savings Account Alerts
• Checking and savings account application alerts
• Bank account takeover alerts
• Investment Account Activity Alerts
• Annual 3 Bureau credit report and score
• Monthly credit score tracking
• Surveillance of unregulated global networks and file-sharing sites
• Priority call routing
• Public record surveillance
• Data Breach Notifications
• Alerts when contact information changes on existing credit card, checking, and savings accounts
• Guidance to correct accidental disclosure of personal information on file-sharing sites
LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses

Add to that their own well trained American customer service agents who are available 24/7 365 days of the year and their $1,000,000 Total Service Guarantee* and you see why they has become the established leader in identity theft protection.

Should I Protect Myself Today?

Well, this is from LifeLock.com but we couldn’t have said it better…

“Every day, criminals mastermind new ways to separate you from your identity. They will stop at nothing to infiltrate your credit and checking and savings accounts for their financial gain.

In a world of unprecedented attacks, LifeLock Ultimate™ protects you from a wider array of threats to your credit, bank accounts, and identity by seeking out potential threats and helping you defend against them.”

In our educated opinion, LifeLock Ultimate Plus is clearly the most comprehensive banking and identity protection anywhere. For individuals who can afford the extra cost this is the easy solution.

We are proud to work in partnership with LifeLock so that we can offer you this 10% discount that will not only save you money this year but every year you remain a member.

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Say yes to the best identity theft protection anywhere and get the peace of mind you deserve.


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