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Protect my identity with LifeLock


Jim Cramer interviews LifeLock Ceo Todd Davis



Protect my identity with LifeLock

Transcript of a LifeLock video for the hearing impaired or those who would prefer to pause the video and read.

An identity is made up of different pieces of personal information such as your name, birthday and social security number.

You depend on that identity for things like your mortgage, car loans and a lot more. Unfortunately so do identity thieves. They can wreak havoc on the clean identity that you built, costing you time, money and frustration.

That’s why LifeLock offers proactive solutions to protect your good name.

You can choose from two levels of protection, LifeLock standard and LifeLock Ultimate. Each offers an assortment of features that help protect your social security number, money, credit and even equity in your home. It’s like having a home alarm system for your identity.

We continually monitor for potential threats such as credit applications or address changes and alert you if we detect a problem in our network.

All you have to do is enjoy your peace of mind.

Even though our services our extensive your enrollment is simple and secure and it only takes minutes. Just fill out the short form so we can monitor your personal information then we’ll mail you a welcome kit and quickly email you your account details. Next simply log in to your online account and get to know your LifeLock protection.

Here you can view your account update your profile and review your alerts. If you do receive a LifeLock alert you don’t have to worry as our innovative not me option lets you easily confirm if the alert was triggered by your own activity like if you applied for a credit card or loan.

LifeLock Ultimate’s services are the most comprehensive protection and includes features that protect your credit and bank account and monitor public records.

After you answer a few security questions you’ll be able to see your credit reports and scores anytime and receive alerts for credit.

No matter which life like products you choose if you receive an alert that was triggered by identity theft we’re here to help. The fraud resolution steps are customized for each type of alert.

Some alerts include straightforward instructions so that you can confidently dispute and resolve the fraud incident while other types are more severe so we’ll assign you one of our certified resolution specialists who will guide you through every step in the remediation process.

Our extensive resolution services help save you time and remember your always protected by our 1 million dollar total service guarantee.

That means we’ll help higher the necessary experts to help restore your good name.

From enrollment to alerts to resolution LifeLock relentlessly guards your personal information

Enroll now and start protecting your identity with LifeLock’s service today.